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Got PCI Card to display 848 x 480

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  • Got PCI Card to display 848 x 480

    Do you think this is close enough to use with a 7"?? I haven't got my screen on me at the moment so can't test or should I try to do better and get 800 x 480 output?

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    i think that looks worse than 800x600 mate. Don't stop until you get 800x480


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      K, cheers fella, was just checking - 848 x 480 was a standard resolution thats all. will probably stick with 800 x 600


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        yeah apparently it is soemting to do with the LCD having to manipulate the pixels in a different way to 800x600 that makes it look worse than just using 800x600. Try it and see but those extra 48 pixels in width really screw it up i think.

        most people settle for 800x600. What pci card do you have? if it is nvidia it shoudl be able to get 800x400 from the drivers. If not give powerstrip a go.