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Linitx screen - Remote control

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  • Linitx screen - Remote control

    Hey guys,

    My screen is currently in bits due to my attempt at fabricating it into the dash and I can't test anything.

    Does anyone know if the remote control also does all the functions that the on screen buttons do??? i.e can I do away with the buttons and just use the remote on its own???

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    Remote does everything as far as I can see!

    Remember to leave the "red eye" beside the LED ON light uncovered!


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      Yes it does, and more...from the remote control you get 3 more buttons: mode select (16:9 or 4"3), mirror, and dimmer. But, you can rest assure, none of these functions seem to work...It's actually quite easier to operate the screen with the remote control, as it doesn't have automatic turn on/off, you have to push the button to do this. So when you're to shutt it down directly from the screen you're supposed to keep the power button pushed for about 3 sec, otherwise, normal pushing would switch the video select...On the remote control you have a separate power button.
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        Cheers guys - its just a pain to connect the screen up to power and VGA in its current state - planning on not using buttons only the remote, should then allow for a cleaner install - just hope I don't lose the remote!!!