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VGA screen quick release?

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  • VGA screen quick release?

    I was looking at a thread about this guy getting his screen and tools and stuff stolen out of his Civic, and I started thinking.

    When people leave their cars, they usually remove the detachable faceplate from their receiver if they have one. Is there any way to make a system like this for LCD screens? I know it's nearly impossible to do it if the screen is bondoed in, but what if there was just some holder bondoed in that holds the screen, and then you push a release button and the screen pops out.

    Anything like this? The install won't look ugly, I was browsing around and thought the it could look something like this guys install.

    What do you guys think?


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    maybe a little door that slides down over it to cover it up?


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      It's certainly possible. Don't think anything like that exists for lcds that are commonly used by most poeple here. Would have to be custom made from a new set of connectors or donated from a used stereo faceplate. Would have to have enough contacts for all the connections and be sturdy enough maintain a connection and large enough contacts to handle the current load of the input power.
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