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possibility of karaoke heads-up-display

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  • possibility of karaoke heads-up-display

    i have another cool but barely feasable idea:

    so i have that ponitac heads up display in my grand prix, its basically this simple display with speed, blinker/lowfuel/etc indicators, and the radio station/cd track if you use the stock deck

    the display is on some motor, with a switch you u can move it up and down infront of you (depending on how high you sit)

    i have this dream of putting an alternative display over that one, or just replacing it, such that it appears just as well up on the windshield

    this display would have 4-5 lines of text on it, so a larger alphanumeric display... and it would have karaoke-scrolling lyrics of the current song playing, and/or other info such as ID3, next turn required in gps route, etc...

    anyone happen to take apart one of these units before? or know how simple it is to interface such a display with one of the frontends (or just wmp or whatever)