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which screen should I get?

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  • which screen should I get?

    okay, I'm looking at the various screens in the store, and I need to know what I should get. the two big options for me are the lilliput 8 inch, and the xenarc 10.4 inch. I've got a few questions that will help decide which I should get:

    question one: I'm looking at the resolution stuff on the screens. the xenarc says it only goes up to 800 X 600, whereas the lilliput is a little odd; first it says it goes up to 1024X768, then it says it goes up to 800 X 600. which is it, and has anyone been able to get them up to a higher resolution?

    question two: which one is going to have less problems? it won't be exposed to a lot of sunlight, but it will get a good amount of use.

    question three: I've seen some touchscreens where there's a bit of a delay between touch, and action. will I notice this on either screen when doing fast mouse movements?

    question four: can I use a stylus or something similar with this? I plan on going a good amount of doodling, but to doodle I need a pen-like item to work along the screen.

    question five: will just pressing it get me a click, or will it just move the mouse there, or what?

    question six: does it make more sense to go with one of these, or save up for a wacom cintiq? as I said, this will be used for doodling, and a second moniter in general.

    question seven: do these screens do games well, or will there be a lot of the various effects assosciated with cheap LCDs?

    thanks in advance.
    softmodded xbox, PSOne screen, inverter. simple and effective. Combine with PDA and head unit with aux input, and we're having a wonderful time.