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Lilliput 7" or 8"

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  • Lilliput 7" or 8"

    I've noticed everyone seems to go for the 7inch. Whats the difference between the two and what would you all reccomend. Its being fitted to dash via a car phone mounting bracket, so size isnt an issue.


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    go with the 8"

    i haven't heard any problems with them...the 7" on the other hand....nothing but problems. I own 2 that work though
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      What problems?

      The three main problems I have heard about are all through user error really.

      1. People screwing them up when fiddling with the wiring which is just carelessness really.
      2. Fried by power problems when people dont use them with a stable 12v supply which is again down to the user (and most probably only blows out the small fuse which is fiddly but replacable)
      3. Lastly problems with drivers because they tried to use the dodgy supplied ones rather than downloading the ones that actually work.

      All of these are avoidable if you take the time to read the lilliput faq rather than rushing right in.

      The advantages the 7" has is that it's widescreen which is better for movies and reverse camera, and that because it is smaller it fits in a double din hole in case you want to install it in the dash.

      The main disadvantage would be that because its widescreen you have to deal with the squish or an odd screen res although most carputer software handles that.

      Personally I think the 8" is too big even when on a seperate mount.


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        erm what about the power problems from the egg being a load of crap

        the touchscreen going dead on one side and/or slipping out of calibration

        and the wiring problems are because the connectors were not soldered to the boards properly or the connectors used to be crap.

        Oh and there have been problems with dry joints.


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          the 8" unit is 640*480 native
          the 7" is 800*480 native

          8" in 800*600 does not look so well, acceptable but not very clear
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          100% installed and working :D


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            Thanks for your help so far.

            7" sounds like it would be better, purely because of resolution.

            I think that is what I will go for thanks.


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              I have an 8" and think the resolution looks great. I went with the 8 inch because my stock stereo was a 1.5 din so the 7 inch wouldnt have fit anyway. So I was gonna have to move the a/c controls. Therefor the 8 inch was a better fit. Plus it really is a lot bigger and in my opinion more touch screen friendly because of the size.
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