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Any one got any recommendation on something like this

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  • Any one got any recommendation on something like this

    Just got a new car, so really don't was to mash up the dash, also don't want nicking tea leaf's to be able to see a nice new TFT touch screen in the car. So has any one tried getting something like this

    With a touch screen kit from digitalwww.

    Or am i just trying to be to cheap? are these type of TFT screens not good enough to run GPS nav stuff?

    So if any one as done a motorized in dash touch screen (with a kit) let me know what you used.

    P.S I know digitalwww are going to be doing one (when they get around to it).

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    Nah, you need something with a VGA input, like a Lilli or Xenarc.

    You can wait for the full package at the end of the month, or you can just get the motorized housing and put your own Lilliput in it, or get the non-motorized housing and put in your own Lilliput or Xenarc.
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      fyi, my friend purchased from that seller, did not have a good experience, had to contact paypal to get money back.


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        "nicking tea leaf's" what the...........??????