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Anyone interested in 18" FFC cables for Lilliput?

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  • Anyone interested in 18" FFC cables for Lilliput?

    It would be the 40 pin FFC (flat flexible cable) needed to go from the back of the 7" lilliput to the controller card. I believe that it would work for the Hitachi as well.

    I found a manufacturer that is willing to make them (I need some for a different application) but in smaller quantities, the cost it just too high. I would likely have to buy around 100 units. This leaves me with quite a few extras. The units would cost me roughly $12-15 per, and I would be willing to sell them for cost + shipping to anyone on the board who needs one.

    If anyone is interested in this 18" extension for their Lilliputs (maybe to surface mount them or just reduce the mounting depth), please let me know, as I need to make a decision within the next week or so. If there is a large enough demand, then I will go ahead and make the purchase. Otherwise, I will have to pursue other avenues for my other (non-carpc) related project.

    Thanks in advance for what I know will be a good response!
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