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VGA capable monitor needed for XBOX?

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  • VGA capable monitor needed for XBOX?

    Hello all, although I am only planning on installing an xbox in my vehicle I was hoping you could help me in regards to choosing a monitor. I know the lilliput and xenarc vga monitors with vga input are considered essential for a carputer due to the small text, but do you think it is also needed for an xbox which is only capable of rca video output? There are boxes which convert rca to vga signal but I dont think it is true vga output. Or should I save some money and just get a xenarc with no vga input?


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    If your going to be justing running the xbox on the screen then you don't need the vga screen.
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      If you're going to be running linux and be able to read the text on it, then the X2VGA will work well for you. If you're only going to be playing games, then it probably won't matter what you do.

      I have one and it works very well. The X2VGA doesn't require a seperate power source either. Only thing you have to remember is that you'll need to turn on the hi-def mode on your Xbox (in the MS Dash) or it'll display wavy lines throughout the picture.
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        There are video cables that connect to the XBox and generates a VGA output for monitors. The XBox doesn't have a true VGA output unless you run some of the modchips and hacked firmware. Those adapters use the HDTV signals from the XBox which are just as good of a quality as a true VGA. Regardless, you would only be running the XBox at 640x480 so even a decent quality LCD monitor with composite inputs would look just fine for your purpose.
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          thanks for the help guys