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lilliput native resolution?

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  • lilliput native resolution?

    hi guys

    i'm currently using a lilliput vga touchscreen monitor and i would like to know what the native resolution is? i'm not quite sure if it is 848x480 or 800x480, but anyway, i hope you guys can answer it for me, and then there's another thing...

    how do i make windows display the monitor's native resolution? i plan on using powerstrip and playing with the settings... so far i only found the settings for xenarc (it was on their faq page), i was wondering what the settings would be for lilliput, whether it was the same or not.

    These were the settings for the xenarc:

    Pixel clock: 38.550 MHz
    Horizontal Geometry:
    Scan Rate: 37.646; Active: 800; Front porch: 32; Sync width: 56; Back porch: 136; Total: 1024; Vertical Geometry:
    Refresh rate: 60.719; Active: 480; Front porch: 71; Sync width: 3; Back porch: 66; Total: 620

    could i maybe use it on the lilliput?
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    There is a Lilliput FAQ you may find enlightening.
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      This is in the Lilliput FAQ

      Anyways, the native resolution of the display is 800x480.

      If you have an Epia motherboard with on-board graphics, it will never display 800x480! The best compromise I have found is 800x600

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