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Help me for VGA cable!!! Please...

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  • Help me for VGA cable!!! Please...

    I want to cut my Lilliput VGA (and Touch-controller) cable (do you know?) but I think there is a problem for the signal. Is right? I want to know how long (minimum) must be a vga cable. Can I self-make a vga cable of 25 cm and display a correct image on my Lilliput? Thank you in advance for all of you that will answer me.
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    as long as you use a monitor cable or something sheilded you should be ok up to 30 ft.


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      A minimum length? I don't think there's a minimum; a maximum yes, but a minimum would be very odd.


      • #4 try that out i got mine from them on ebay its 13 bucks shipped and u get it in about aweek but thats the 25 foot u prolly need the 15 foot i shud have gotten 15 dumb me haha


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          Making the cable shorter shouldn't be a problem, as long as you do it right. You could always roll it up of course ;-)
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            yeah roll it up and stuff it under the carpet like me :-D i got bout 20 extra feet of wire under the carpet haha im thinking about picking up a 5 footer and using that and using the 25 footer for my projector in my living room so i can use a computer on that and put it far away wit wireless keyboard :-P