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In-dash, non motorized, 7" RGB

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  • In-dash, non motorized, 7" RGB

    Hi all,

    I am putting together a carpc for my 91 Firebird and think I have everything pretty much figured out except for an LCD and frontend software. It will be used for playing MP3s initially, and eventually DVDs.

    I am looking for an in-dash LCD. At this point, due to my budget, I think I'll have to go with a cheapo non-VGA model, and then possibly upgrade it to a touchscreen VGA unit. What do you guys think of something like this:

    How crappy would it look with only the composite input? I plan to run XP with some sort of frontend that would provide for very large icons, so text readability shouldn't be an issue. Again, I could probably salvage the housing later on to use with a higher quality display.

    Also, without touchscreen, I plan to use an IR remote, like the one from Keyspan:

    Any recommendations for frontend software that would be ok for use with an IR remote and this crappy LCD?

    Thanks, guys...

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    You will be ****ed if you spend money on that and think that you will end up with something useable...

    If need be, save up and get a Xenarc. Sure, it cost a butt load, but you will have to look your monitor EVERY time you get in your car. You will be a lot happier in the long run if you take it step-by-step.

    When I first joined the site I wondered why a lot of the people had indicators in their sig that showed the status of their project... Well, I have been putting my system together for the last 6 months and still haven't put it in the car. Maybe I am slow... I like to think that I am just taking my time

    PS - gotta love those 3rd gens
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      Yeah, ultimately I want a touchscreen VGA setup...

      So you think a cheapo display like that would still be bad w/ a frontend with large icons? As a temp solution, since I only really care about MP3 playback, I was thinking of putting together a Windows Media Player Skin that might work...don't know yet, though.

      BTW, how do you plan to mount the Xenarc in your Camaro? I don't think I could easily mount a 7" in the 1.5 din opening without some fabrication... I thought an indash would not only be easier, but less conspicuous, too.


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        just to give you a hint at how bad it would look... I have a 35" sony trinatron in my house. while testing I connected the S video out to it and at that size it was still too fuzzy to read. think how bad it will be on a 7".
        Randell Kelly


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          I too have hooked the s-video out from my PC to my 27 inch TV...the picture was marginal at best. I just was hoping that if I setup Windows with a large font and some sort of giant icons I could manage. I honestly think I still may try this route, just because I don't think the monitor will be an entire waste if it really sucks. I am sure I can reuse the housing with another higher quality unit later and use the crappo-LCD for something else...

          Before I decide, though, I need to find out a couple of things. First, it appears XP's minimum resolution is 800 x 600. What resolution should I be aiming for? 800 x 480? 600 x 480? Anyone know if ME allows for this res? Second, maybe I can creat a web page (to use as an active desktop) with two giant images that act as buttons. One launches the MP3 player, the other the DVD...Really, that is all I would like to accomplish for now.

          Any suggestions, criticism, etc?


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            Having had several expensive hobbies over the years, one of the first things I learned after one or two mis-steps was to be patient and wait to buy what you really want/need. The cost of that unit is about half of what a Lilliput would cost you, so if you buy it you've just bought something that isn't going to do the job the way you want, cost you money that *could've* gone toward the right unit, and you probably won't get your money back out of it when you go to resell it after you've used it. Be patient. I've been slowly researching & putting mine together for about 4-5 months now, mainly because I've got other more important things that require my time, and this is just a smaller part of a bigger hobby and my parts needs for that take priority.


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              Does any1 know where i can get an in-dash touchscreen monitor from . Dont care if it is motorized. I live in the UK.



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       converts the money.
                Woot, or something.
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                  I have tired them. They have run out of all in-dash monitors motorised or other wise.

                  Any other ideas?


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                    Originally posted by mdray00
                    Does any1 know where i can get an in-dash touchscreen monitor from . Dont care if it is motorized. I live in the UK.

                    LinITX should be getting the new Xenarc model soon. Also try cartft. But i'm afraid you will have to wait for now.


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                      Every one is sayin 2 weeks or so and then when it gets to that I will be another 2 weeks and so on. There must be some where what sells i-dash touchscreens are they that hard to make?