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xenerc or lilliput LCD mount question/advice

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  • xenerc or lilliput LCD mount question/advice

    First post to the boards. Long time reader.

    I have finally dove into the CarPC building. I have most of my parts ready, but have yet to decide on a LCD. I'm looking at either the Xenerc or the Lilliput offer on this site (7" size). The only reason I haven't decided is because I want to know the best possible combination for mounting in my situation.

    My car is a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis (Think Ford Crown Vic with more fake wood trim). Right now I'm thinking about doing the Gooseneck mount idea. However, I have some questions about:

    1. How stable is a mount like this (as far as shaking at different speeds and such)?

    2. Which one of the above displays has the most mounting solutions?

    3. Anyone else out there with a similar car that has mounted one of these screens? I would like to see some pics if you have them.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
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    i like the lilliput :-D BLUE LEDS!!!!! hahha i think the xenerc is more stable not sure havnt checked it out most of the screens i buy r lilliput good for price and quality