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Xenarc contrast and brightness settings

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  • Xenarc contrast and brightness settings

    Can someone with a Xenarc please tell me if this is the correct behavior....

    My screen is not connected to any inputs and when i go into the OSD i canot alter the contrast or brightness settings from 0. i assume i am doing it right (enter menu, press sourse until the contrast/brightness is pink and then use the volume up and down arrows). I know the volume buttons work as when not in the OSD they change the volume up and down.

    I am having possible cable troubles so i don't know if these settings are only adjustable when there is a signal input to the channel being altered.


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    My GAIN screen (same as Xenarc 700IDT) from LinITX does the same. It seems to store the settings per mode. For a while at least. So it makes sense that while there's no signal, then there's no reason for it to change the values. Those values don't affect the menu brightness anyway. IIRC you can change the backlight brightness, as that's not stored per mode.