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Dual Display, different images, different resolutions

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  • Dual Display, different images, different resolutions

    I'm trying to determine if the following situation would work:

    I need a system display. Normal OS, applications, etc.

    I need a small LCD, such as the Xenarc, to accept an image window from within an application, such as the image window from Photoshop, which would be scaled to fit the display using either native controls on a GeForce4 MX4000 or through Powerstrip.

    I need to run a second display with the same image as will be on the Xenarc, but not using the scaling function, as it will be a full-sized lcd display.

    Can the window be mirrored like this but scaled on only the Xenarc? If so, what would the setup be?

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    Let me see if I got your question right. You want to run a xenarc, at say 800x600 resolution, which it scales to 800x480, resulting in a squished image. On the second monitor you want the same image, but it is a 4x3 aspect screen, so no squishing will occur.

    the scaling is done by the xenarc itself, so hooking up a second monitor will do what you want (if I got your question right).

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      This being the case, it would probably work fine without any additional software adjustments. I thought the Xenarc input had to be specified at 800x480. If it automatically scales any 16:9 image, I don't have any worries.