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  • Lillyput Screen

    Canthe lillyput screen

    (Lilliput 7" LCD 619GL-70NP/T Touch S-video,Composite,VGA,2400x480)

    be powered straight from the 12 volts on the car or does it have to go through a voltage regulated power supply such as the 90 w opus?

    would you recommend getting this screen?

    It doesnt say if it comes with any mountings -> whats the best way(easiest) to mount it in the car.


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    In order to not recieve flaming you should post rudamentary questions like this in the Newbie forum.... Thats what it is there for... Use it

    Also to not get flamed on this forum utilize the search feature and do your homework.

    To answer your question. You can run it straight off the 14v from your car but really shouldn't.

    It's easiest to run it off your 12v rail from the PSU. But you could also make a simple 12v regulator.
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      BTW what should I buy? Lilliput or Xenarc?


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        Also, I've heard of some people have problems with Lilliputs, should I buy one?

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          do i need to write a special program to pickup the input from one of these lillYput screens?
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            How do I get it to automatically come on as soon as it gets power?
            CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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              How do I hook up the sound from my computer to my car stereo?

              Okay damo642, you've been flamed. But it comes with this very useful piece of information: Everything you've ever wanted to know about your Lilliput
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