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Intec PSOne LCD WORKS!!!!!

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  • Intec PSOne LCD WORKS!!!!!

    Ok, well its not 100% just yet.

    Here is the last post I had on the progress of my getting another PSOne screen to work with the hack that is not a Sony brand.

    Anyway, I am using PowerStrip 3.58 and I have several different video cards to try, and will try all of them, I just need some suggestions on direction.

    I have the following cards, and according to PowerStrip's Read me, they all should work with this mod. Voodoo3, ATI Rage 128, Velocity 128, Stealth 2000 3D, Voodoo 5. I am trying to get my hands on a couple more.

    Anyway, the closes I have come to getting a picture is with the ATi Rage 128. I add the Arcade (640x480i) resolution and start decreasing the refresh rate. At about 25MHz I get a slow scrolling COLOR picture of powerstrip with it split.

    *I am starting to search the forums for this situation, as I know I have read it in many places. I don't want to be burned, this is just information for those that would like to know that I have made progress with this LCD.

    **I will update this thread tonight, with the settings that are close so far with the Rage 128. Please post questions here for everyone's benefit and not PM me.

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    Well I didn't get it to work with the ATI but it is working with a Riva TNT2 card, and it looks sweet. This hack only works with powerstrip activated. So you cant view the POST during boot up. Looking into tweaking utilities that might make this possible.


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      Well, that's good to know, I'll keep an eye out for the 5" Intec screens for my project. It seems Nvidia cards are the best to use for this mod.


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        you let me know if you get it so you can see the bios.


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          That'd require modding the video card's firmware to output 15KHz (31kHz horizontal refresh rate is standard for VGA and higher res), not an easy task for most cards. You can do it with some older Matrox cards, and the ArcadeVGA( ) is designed for it. (PSOne screens and standard res arcade monitors work the same)

          Even with a modded card, you may still not be able to view the BIOS screens, as some BIOS grab low-level control of the video card to do fancier menus.


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            have you tryed it with a card that supports csync