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  • Good, bad or just ugly????


    Since im looking for a new screen dose anyone out there have any personal
    experiance with a av-4u screen . not the best looking screen form the picture but since ill be taking it apart that dosent matter.
    heres the link
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    Lilitput 7" touch screen :-( , Epia -M 256ddr, Opus150w,

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    Think there is a similar one here:

    It looks like it has VGA on it too... I would email them and ask. They ship from the UK in london, I've used them ages ago..

    Only bad thing I see is it says resolution 640x480 which may mean the 800x600 the Ebay links says will be interlaced.

    You may want to ask merconnet a few questions about it, when I used them a few years ago they were quite helpful and IIRC also have a phone number in the UK to contact them on.

    Also it has no touchscreen.. not sure if this is an issue... If I were you to be honest I'd play it safe and get a LinITX if you need a cheap screen.
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