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7" or 8" to install in my SOL?

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  • 7" or 8" to install in my SOL?

    i recently bought a Honda Del Sol, and i've done the carputer project with my puggy 206 b4. But now i want it to look more proffessional.

    Anyways, i've read the forum regarding the monitors, and it seems i like the new 8" monitors. I am not planning to open up the monitor but i am planning to mold it onto my dash.

    The question now i have is that i dont know if the 8" is really big or no? Meaning will it fit my dash, coz i am planning to replace ac controllers and the stock stereo. Remember i am noghing planning to you an in-dash coz the sol's din is far and when the monitor comes out of the dash it will be facing downwards.
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    1. Buy a ruler/tape measure of some sort
    2. Measure your dash opening
    3. Compare the measurements to the specs for the display you're thinking of buying
    4. If the monitor is too large, select a new display & return to step 1
    Or modify your dash to accomodate the display you want to get.


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      it would be cool if you could somehow do an fold out indash vga..your cover looks awesome to hide the radio..keeps theft from happening..if they cant see it they wont steel it..i say try to see if you can do something where the indash would work out! just my .2c
      i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!