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Advice on where/how to mount my Screen ..

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  • Advice on where/how to mount my Screen ..

    Hey guys,

    I have a Celica GTS 2002, and I would like some ideas on mounting my 7" screen (Xenarc 700TS).

    I just removed my stock HU which is double-din, and I'm putting in there a Kenwood stereo ... but mounting kit is double-din, so it will pretty much take up all same space as stock HU.

    So, it appears that i will have to cut-out the front piece of the dash and stick the screen right on top of the stereo. But, I'm having my doubts because I dont know how to fiberglass or anything like that. So, perhaps I should just take this to Pro? It would have been perfect if I could just put the screen where the stock HU was ... it's a perfect fit ... but then, where would I put my stereo?

    let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Can you not put the head unit somewhere else instead since it is smaller single dinn...?
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      Alternate Place for your Head Unit

      I have the face of my head unit installed underneath the sun visor on the drivers side, then the deck itself is in the glove box. This would be a great solution for you beacuse with a car computer system, there would be no need to have to access the cd slot or equivalent. This is the easiest thing to do. You head unit has a detachable face, and it connects to the head unit with metal prongs. Solder wires (I use cat 5 computer network wire as there are 8 wires in the bundle) from the face to the head unit, then mount the face under the visor, and mount the deck in the glovebox, or heck you could really mount it anywhere in the car. Look below. This is my 91 celica.
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        You could also put you HU in the pocket above the HU space or do some cutting and put it where the ashtray is right now. Why do you need a double din HU if you are installing a carputer? Or you could get the in dash Xenarc TS and have a single din HU.
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          Go order the factory GPS screen mount bezel for JDM Celica's. JDM Celica's had the option for a NAV screen which sits nicely in the compartment area above the head unit.