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  • lilliput making sounds

    I have an 8" lillput mounted in my dash, I have the usb controller and other stuff sitting behind it. I thought my hard drive sounded like it was going to die. It made a horrible grinding sound, i could actually make the sound change a little by holding the brakes, or using the acclerator. That seemed to change the pitch. After two days, I realized that the sound was actually coming from my lilliput. The good news is: I don't have to make an RMA request on my HD, bad news: I don't know how to make the sound stop, Has anyone else had this? I don't see how a monitor w/o any moving parts can make a sound just like a dying hard drive
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    I would agree with joshthepilot, you might have some sort of ground loop that's manifesting itself through the Lilliput Speaker. If you took the case apart, you could probably disconnect the speaker entirely (that's what I did).
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