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dual indash 7" monitors

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  • dual indash 7" monitors

    Umm just looking at the new Xenarc indash. I'm in my planning stage now and was tring to firuge out if I had enough room for the 8 inch, but after looking at the 7 indash I'm thinking to buy 2 (i have a double din) flip the bottom so it opens upside down and have dual monitors. Can you flip an image on these screens? Is this just a silly idea?
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    interesting idea, the thought crossed my mind too. Depends on your OS and video drivers if you can flip the image, but should work.
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      I'm not sure how it would work with the touchscreen drivers. I know that with the Toughbooks I use at work, if I use dual display, the cursor moves on the primary display even though you're touching the secondary display.
      If anybody has tried this with two Lilliputs or Xenarcs, let us know if this works.
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        windows xp can flip the image around if thats what your going to use
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          wont that be alot of light, especially at night...i mean wont it be distracting

          i dunno, it just reminds me of the nintendo ds *eww*
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