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    Hey all:

    I am new to the MP3Car forums. I have a W-Body Grand Prix, like one of the other members on this site, and I would like to do a carPuter setup. I am shooting for a nForce 2 MicroATX setup with a power invertor right now running AMD Sempron w/ 1 gig of ram and a combo drive. NewEgg has a very nice InWin case that is pretty small (and tight for space) that might fit my glove box. I would really like a MicroATX case that fits in my glove box, otherwise it's going under the passanger seat with a power invertor and some L-Brackets to keep it moutner to the floorboard with a small piece of LDF fiberboard or 1/8" thick plywood.


    Has anyone tried the Starvision VGA LCD Screen? ( They have 3 models available, one having a physical resolution of 1280x234. Anyone try these? I have a Starvision "Pixelon" flip-down lcd that works pretty well and has very good image quality and viewing angles.

    Since there is only one 1.5 din opening, and I have a full system installed currently, I think I could really only mount a monitor using the dash (not going to happen) or usign a gooseneck. Any of the current monitors work with a gooseneck to the best of your knowledge? I am thinking about mounting the neck to the passanger seat. Pyle audio sells a gooseneck in 3 different heights.

    I could remove the cigerette tray and place a flip out, but the problem is that the screen could only come out if I placed the shifter all the way back into drive or 1. And the fact that the Xenarc is $550 for a screen is also a bit much to swallow. From what I've read ther Lilliput monitors suck in daylight and have poor brightness/contrast. That is my biggest grip with car LCD's uin general - they are horrid in quality vs. standard LCD computer monitors or even LCD TV's for the home enviornment. The best LCD's I've used in the car are LUXMA's.

    I want to use this for WiFi, Bluetooth mice/keyboard support, GPS using Streets and Trips and MP3 playback. MediaCenter 2005 OS will be used as the OS.

    97 Grand Prix GT TURBO

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    Price of monitor

    BTW - The Starvision SP-7VGA screen can be had online for cheaper than the LilliPut and is significantly cheaper than the Xenarc. Hope is isn't crap. Some of the cheap starvision/Pyle low end LCD monitors are junk. This one though has these specs:

    7 wide screen TFT Color Monitor With VGA and Touch Screen
    Computer Display/ DVD/ VCD/ Rear view Camera Compatible
    Color System: NTSC & PAL auto switching
    Resolution: 1220 X 234
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Color configuration: RGB Stripe
    2 Video Inputs, VGA input, Audio Input
    Touch Screen Display (requires USB Connection)
    AC adaptor included
    AC, USB and headphone inputs
    Full function remote with OSD has this monitor for $229! I think I may buy it.



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      Well the "SP-7VGA 7 Full Color LCD Monitor with VGA Input and touch screen" is a lilliput - if you look at the picture!

      The "SP-7VGAT 7 High resolution monitor with VGA Input & Touch Screen" looks like the old T-view - the 250nit one not the new one but don't quote me on that.

      The "SP-VGA7 7 High resolution monitor with VGA Input" - i do not have a clue about but it

      So going back to what you were looking at - it is a lilliput. Have you not noticed it looks the same????


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        many of us are running starvisions, probably 20 people here bought them within a week during a group buy. no problems with mine at all, only complaint is it's a bit on the dim side (and the advertised dimensions are WAY wrong).