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Lilliput 7" vs Lilliput 8" vs T-View need help picking

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  • Lilliput 7" vs Lilliput 8" vs T-View need help picking

    As the title states i need to decide between the above monitors, i have read all of the posts on the lillis and tviews but i have not been able to find any concrete evidence to help me make the choice. The prices i have found are about 218 for the tview, 263 for the lilli 7 and 273 for the lilli 8. so they are somewhat close. Also i need to take into consideration the mounting of the monitor, which is the easiest and smallest. Please give any input you have it is all appreciated

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    I had a Lilliput 7" for just over a year, in my opinion they are useless, the touchscreen was unreliable, the right side of the touch screen was next to unusable as i think most people find on them. Picture quality was good but i did get some interference. Finally the touch screen packed up on me totally (again a common fault apparently).

    I now have upgraded to the Linitx 7" which i am assured is the same as the tview, after the Lilliput this is heaven, firstly the case is much better quality and has a kind of rubbery coating which fits in much better to the interior. Cables are much better layed out, no usb plug sticking out the side, the picture quality is much better and sharper, would say mine is not quiet as bright as my old Lilliput but i have not really had time to play around with the settings so that may sort that one out. Touch screen is a dream, worked even without doing the 4 or 25 point calibration, after doing both of these it was deadly accurate, i use Infomap navigator and found i could use any of the functions or pull down menus with ease. Had this now for about 2 weeks and not had a single problem of any kind.

    Would not touch the Lilliputs go for the Tview if it is the same as the Linitx.

    Hope this is of some help

    Mark Ward


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      thank you that is very helpful, anyone else. I am hoping to order the monitor in a week or so


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        Lilliput 8" is awesome!

        I got my lilliput about a week ago. The touchscreen works perfectly, and I installed NO drivers and did NO calibration. (mac OSX at that!) I am very happy with my purchase. I feel that the added size is a must have, esp. since were all used to bigger monitors, right in front of our faces, and this one is for touch! All in all, no technical difficulties, fully operable, and pimptastic!
        Ebay $275!
        If you buy it, buy from the distributor in Hong Kong, shipping was fast!
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          I agree with shizzle, i've had no problems with 8" lilliput. Screen size is adequate and brightness is OK, haven't tried or seen others so cannot comment on those but from what I have read, the 8" lilliputs don't suffer the same problems as the 7" did
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            7" ones look more OEM than 8". 7" lilli's are indeed, useless.
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