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  • Yet another xenarc convert...

    So it seems that every few weeks there are users fed up enough with their lilliputs to post about how they converted to Xenarc and are much happier.

    Well, this is one of those posts. I'm not a Xenarc fanboy or anything, but they really do make a higher-quality product. The model I purchased was a 700TSV, which supposedly comes w/ some sort of anti-glare features. I'm not really certain if those features really do anything or not, but the daytime performance is indeed better than what I was getting w/ my lilliput. It's really hard to explain why the Xenarc is better since I was actually quite happy with my lilli until it started acting up. One might say I was happily ignorant

    If i were to put it into my own subjective empirical terms, I would say the Xenarc's visibility in the daytime is probably 15% better. I'm not talking about direct sun-rays-shining-precisely-on-your-LCD type daytime, but just rather casual daytime driving. The direct kind will most definitely wash out most LCDs. The Xenarc's whites look a lot brighter, and the good constrast ratio between darks and lights make everything more readable.

    I'm currently using Centrafuse w/ the default theme, and immediately, I noticed that the track listing became a lot easier to read (white on dark green background).

    Needless to say, the build quality is significantly better. I've seen both LCDs opened up, and the Xenarc is better put together. Everything from the mounting hardware to the plastic to the PCB is higher quality.

    The big question of course, is if it's really worth the price. The several hundred dollar difference ($160 is it?) will definitely hold different value to different people, but I would really recommend saving up for a Xenarc if possible.

    In short, if you're looking for a new LCD, go w/ Xenarc; you'll save yourself a lot of headache, and you'll be a lot happier. Even considering the significant price difference, its really worth it. I used to be one of those "oh, the-lilliput-breaking-down-won't-happen-to-me-and-if-it-does-I'll-deal-with-it" types, but now that I know, I would definitely recommend xenarcs to anyone in the market for an LCD. If you're thinking about upgrading an existing lilli setup, it's probably not a good idea (unless of course, your lilli broke). To put it into simple terms, the lilli's are good enough to get by, but the Xenarcs are just one step better.
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