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15" Dell Touch Screen $399

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  • 15" Dell Touch Screen $399

    I've been doing my research for a while now and finally decided to go with this dell 15" for my Dodge Ram install. Got mine for $399 on sale. Had it about a week now and can't wait to put it in. If you have the room and run an inverter I highly recommend this screen. It only pulls 24 watts (27 max) so if you are running a dc-dc power supply you could pick up a small inverter for cheap.

    Click here for the link

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    There is a hard to notice tab under the picture for Detailed Specs. The brightness is 208 cd/m˛, not that bad for the 15" size. It is 110 volts though. It was designed for point-of-sale retail solutions, tested to over 35 million touches at a single point, so it's very durable. I'm glad I went with this screen over the 7 inch.


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      let me know how your install goes. pics, remarks on quality, etc.
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        has anyone tried it with a Mac Mini?


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          Might be a problem with mounting. I have not been able to find a gooseneck VESA mounting arm at all.

          I'd like to see a 10" touchscreen LCD that doesn't cost $500. Something with a better brightness could help too.

          15" is too big IMHO for the front of my Grand Prix. A screen this big would not be very practicle to most users.



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            Ohhhhh that’s big . That wouldn’t fit snuggly in the dash of my car. Probably have to cut out an airbag or two :P
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              You can mount it ala cop style as i have done with mine. No damage to the car and it's airbag compliant. Granted i have that good old 10.4 in there but it's starting to look small.. i am thinking 12.1 might be as far as it would go but 15 is plain pushing it. That's the size that looks weird on anything smaller than a suburban... though i might try it with a 450cmd2 15" just because i need one for other reasons. and if it fits in the car, so be it.
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                my screenless f-150 wants a friend....................................

       wallet's also lonely(no green insulation at the moment) so i think i'll wait a while.

                haha, i'm considering getting that but fact is me and bondo/fiberglass are not friends so cutting the dash will be fun......what have i gotten myself into!! I only have had my truck 4 days!!
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