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Lilliput mounting at odd angle

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  • Lilliput mounting at odd angle

    Hi everyone - I'm in the stages of planning and purchasing carpc components.

    I'm Planning on building most of the carputer into a modified "center console" for my minivan. It's going to be raised up, about a foot or two - I gotta buy it and measure it first. One one end there's a "cooler" with a slide-back thingy. I'm planning on mounting that a bit forward of me. Like right where my hand would be when i'ts on my armrest. Here's the thing - I don't want to mount it vertical like most screens here. I want to mount it horizontally w/ a slight angle to tilt it more towards my head. I guesstimate the angle to be at rought 30% differences from a head on view. Will the lilliput 7" work ok at this angle? I mean - will it look ok - or will it be all funky colored like my laptop at that angle?