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Can someone part with a 7" lilli mounting square?

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  • Can someone part with a 7" lilli mounting square?

    Hey all,

    I bought a 7" Lilliput quite a while back from and it arrived broken. I sent it in for RMA, then recived another one back a while later....that was also broken! It took awhile, but I finally got my third screen and it works well.

    I have a slight problem though - the small square piece that slides into the mounting bracket wasn't on my third screen and I RMA'd the second one with it. I contacted Zip-Lock but he had already sent the screen back. Could one of you guys that did an in-dash part with that mounting square? You'd be a lifesaver!

    Thanks a million!


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    Isnt it just a square nut? I had some of those ages ago, came with big flathead screws.

    Shouldnt be too hard to find something from your local hardware sources? Take the threaded bit down and see what fits.


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      If you have the tools, just cut a piece of metal to the right dimensions, drill a hole, and tap it. If you can't do that, send me your address and I'll mail mine to you
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        Unfortunately RPI's screen is different than mine...I'm including a pic of what I have set up. Does someone have the 1"x1"x.25" (approx) plastic(or metal? don't remember...) piece that attaches the screen to the mounting bracket that I have mounted in my center vent?

        Click here for pic