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Lilliput NON VGA monitor

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  • Lilliput NON VGA monitor

    I recently bought a Lilliput NON VGA monitor because it was cheaper than the VGA version. I e mailed Lilliput to ask them if there was any way to hook it up to a computer, but they told me that there was no way. I was thinking, maybe if i get a vga to tv converter i could get it to work. Anyone have any feedback or input or has the same problem as me? If anyone got it to work, let me know desparate!!!!

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    Oh yeah, you can get it to work. But it will look like *** compared to VGA.
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      Just connect it to the TV out of the Video card.
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        i would like to connect it to the tv out, but the cable that it comes with only has RCA male. The yellow, red and white plug. thats why i was thinking of using the pc to tv converter. I tried the monitor on the video out ports of my tv and it worked fine.


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          yes a pc to tv convertor will get the picture on your screen but the text will be unreadable due to the low resolution. But you can give it a try. Who knows, maybe you need glasses but like the way things look with them off.

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            hey where do u get a pc to tv convertor


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              you can get a pc to tv converter from someplace like compusa or a pc store. i know for a fact that circuit city doesn't sell them. and im pretty sure best buy doesn't have a large selection either. i would say that going online would be the best place to look for a pc to tv converter. such as or