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killed my Lilliput touch panel

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  • killed my Lilliput touch panel

    Hey, I am in process of getting my carpc setup. Everything is done except adding in the shutdown controller and mounting the case. The problem is that I had my usb hub running at 12v instead of 5v that it should have been at. I am powering my lcd with 12v of my computer power supply and I just spliced off that for my usb hub, thinking that it was 12v also. I didnt figure it out until I killed 2 of my usb mice and I also had my usb Lilliput touch pad connected so I guess I killed that also . Anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I searched but could not find exactly what I need. I know I can replace just the touch pad for around $40 but will that fix it or is there some circuit board for the touch pad that needs to be replaced. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    depends you could have just fried a few small parts, a capacitor, or maybe a resistor, or a voltage regulator..

    lok over the boards for any signs of burning and if ther is anything youj're in luck.. if not a micro-controller may be out..

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      by the wires that are soldered onto the board there is a small gold zener diode that probably blew. It's a 5volt zener

      or you will have to buy a new touch controller
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        Thanks for the replies. I will check all those things out. I opened up my mouse to see if I could notice anything but the caps in there looked fine. The mouse is the least of my worries, when I get a chance, I will open up the screen and see if I can find anything.


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          Before doing custom wiring, ask someone if its right!! I wish more people asked for help, even if it sounds dumb, before doing something that they have no clue about. Electronics ALWAYS have the voltage used marked on the power supply unit and usually on the device itself.



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            I finally opened up the screen today and I could not find any signs of burning. I replaced the 5volt zener diode and it still does not find the touch pad. Should I replace the touch pad, anyone think that could be it? If its a micro-controller, is there anywhere I can buy the entire circuit board part?


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     the usb controller is $50
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                Thanks for the link. I willl probably just buy the kit and replace it all. Is this the same touch kit thats in the Lilliput?


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                  not sure, call and ask
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