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3 wire video lcd connection HELP NEEDED TO FINISH WIRING UP.

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  • 3 wire video lcd connection HELP NEEDED TO FINISH WIRING UP.

    hello... I have a MOBILE TV M5000 lcd for my car.. now these babies have a mini din 9 connector that leads to a Videobox were the power and videos are connected... i dont have money to buy this cable and box.. I have managed to figure out the power cables from the lcd by opening it up and looking at some layouts of the board... in the pic attatched, the mini din 9 connector,
    pins 1 and 9 are the 12v connectors... This lcd has a switch that says Video1, and video two.. this lcd is supposed to be able to take two connections.

    the mini din 9 cable... runs to a main circuit board inside the lcd that has the following connector..
    listed in pic # 2

    I figure wires 1,2,3, 6,7,8 are for video... but i dont know what 9, 10 are for... again.. 4,5 in diagram 2, are the 12v power wires.

    please help me if u know how to connect these cables... i was trying with svideo signal but no good.. i dont know if its composite or what.. if u can help me i will be greatful.
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    Well from what i can see the LCD is composite so S-video won't work.

    Are you sure the power wires are right?

    If so then all you have to do is hook up the composite signal to test.

    the wires that have nothing could be nothing its a standard socket so no all pins have to be used.

    Also u said a little black box is used im wondering it this box powers but also switchs the video source.

    But i don't know if the button for video source is on the LCD or not.

    use a composite signal and try it no harm in testing as long as the power wires are right u can put the composite signal on all pins (besides power wires )
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      If the LCD is supposed to connect to a brain, you might have a hard time figuring out the signal. How did you get a screen without the proper cable? That's pretty much worthless.. Also, S Video will NOT work, and if you hook up the power wrong, you'll kill the controller. You might want to contact the company you bought it from and find out why you didn't get a cable WITH the screen, or at least ask them to test the cable for you.


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        Like Tha Man Said... He Was Completely Correct.!!

        DR. NiN^_^NiN was completely right... i tried the lat two cables in the diagram.. the pink and black and the video rushed to he lcd like white on rice....!!! YESSSS I LOVE U GUYS... thanx for the help....

        for those of you with the same problem of this lcd monitor... or a similar monitor... all you have to do is open up your unit...
        you will need the following items to create your own cable...

        i must warn you.. this process will only give you 1 video imput

        1 small phillips screw driver
        1 female rca connector ( rca cable can be cut in half for parts)
        1 sodering gun with soder (not necessary but better connections)
        3 feet of 22 Gauge wire ( the wire with many little wires inside.. not solid )

        lets get started now that u have all these.

        first take off the screws in the back of your wonderful MOBILE TV M5000 ( or similar model)
        now remove the screws holding the board that is on top of the lcd.

        leave the lcd connected to the board.. what you need to disconnect at this time is the cable that is comming from the out side to from the plug @ the main board we just uncrewd.
        take a look at DIAGRAM 1 to see the lay out..

        this is the layout of what you are trying to achieve.

        you will only need those 3 wires of the connector...
        use 1 1/2 foot 22gauge wire for the +12V wire #4
        use the other 1 1/2 foot 22 gauge wire for the -12v wire # 9
        now connect the OUTSIDE OF THE RCA to the wire #9
        and connect the INSIDE OF THE RCA to wire # 10

        try to sorder any of these connections to get the best tranfer of signal..

        now use electric tape to safely wrap these babies so they wont short.

        [email protected]

        <-------- it works
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