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White out on lilliput

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  • White out on lilliput

    I just got my lilliput functioning again after I blew a fuse. And the screen is just white with a line or two. Sometimes I get it to turn light gray. But for the most part its a white out. I've wiggled the crap out of my ribbon cables. I dont know what it could be. anyone know?

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    love your show by the way.

    I thought it might be the ribbon cable but I tried the origional one and it did the same thing. The screen displays white with or without the ribbon cable.

    and the PCB? is that the curcuit board that the ribbon cable plugs into? I dont know what that is.


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      starting from the middle and working to the left there is a white stripe...then a slight hint of blue stripe then a big white patch with a dark line going vertically through it.

      if I look at it straight on its all white.


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        where can I buy that from? and it doesnt look broken. then again would I really notice?


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          I was putting it in the motorized housing and the first time I went to power it up it popped the fuse. I assumed it was becuase the board was touching the motorized screen housing. So this is the first time i've had it going since i blew the fuse. no i havent messed with the cable while it was on either. oh and its pure white if i dont have the ribbon cable plugged in and the stripes show up when i do plug it in.

          thanks for your advice. I know not to doubt dr. house. I think i'm just gonna buy a new lilliput and sell the parts to this one.


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            sent you a pm jaymx
            S60 Install


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              Before you sell it I would buy a replacement ribbon cable from and try that out. I thought I screwed my lilliput too, but the cable has to be in there just right and it's easy to mess up the cable. Also playing with the cable while the lilliput is powered is unlikely to mess anything up, I've done it many times to get it in there right. Be careful with those locking connectors, they're fragile.


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                I tried the old ribbon cable. there was no luck with that either.


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                  besides the screen is white....bright white. seems like there's a little more going on there