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  • Mounting 15"

    Hi everyone. I'm still in alot of planning phases for what I'm calling "final install". I have a ghetoo-system rigged up, but this saturday I'll be begining the eliminate the case and wire everything up -WITHOUT SO MUCH TAPE.

    However here's my concern. I was planning on getting a 15" LCD - no touchscreen. Much cheaper than a 7" touchscreen. However, mounting can be an issue. I'm not planning on integrating it into the dash. I was considering one of those old desk-lamp mounting thing. I also considered the gooseneck. However none of these allow me to "hide" my screen, when I'm parked, which is a bit of a concern for me.

    So anyways here's my plans:

    1995 Dodge Minivan. The are between the two fron tseats is going to have a custom box - mobo on first layer - then the amp/inverter/psu/hd/cdrom on the next. No more than 6" high. That leaves about 8-10" more before the seats butt-pad (so that's in a valley between the seats), and about 12-18" below where I would want the monitor (at least). So any idea on what I can do? I thoughy of using the gooseneck and then just folding the LCD down flat onto the box when not in use - however would this kill my gooseneck? and My articulated arm would stick up real high then - attracting theives.

    So does anyone have an idea?

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    Nobody can assist without some pics, I assure you.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      OK - I'm leaving for work in 10, but I'll take pictures afte rthat hopefully - u can see my ghetto test install (bungee cords are good)