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Putting LCD's in sun visor

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  • Putting LCD's in sun visor

    Okay, so congratulate me on my first post here.

    I am looking for some info on installing LCD screens into my driver and passenger sunvisors. These aren't touchscreen models for a carputer or the like, just regular LCD monitors for video.

    The screens in question are located here if anyone is interested...

    If there is a guide on how do to this type of thing, that would be most appreciated. I'm not sure where to get started or what to do or anything, especially with cleanly and stealthily getting the wire out of the visor and routed to where I want it.

    Push in the right direction please?

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    *ahem* Well, being it's your first post....I'd like to introduce you to the forums 'search' feature. There's a nifty link at the top called search.. Click it, and it'll ask what you want. With some minor coaxing you will get what you want 99% of the time.

    Here's a freebie:

    Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

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      I did search and found that thread (it's almost like I've used forums before) but just wondering if there were any other resources that might be outside of the forum