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Xenarc 1040 POS hibernation problem

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  • Xenarc 1040 POS hibernation problem

    Hey guys,

    I have a 1040POS in my 330ci. I used to have a 700TSV and it was too small =( I LOVE the new screen, but the touch-panel does not work after hibernation. I need to run the touchkit config utility, and as soon as it runs, the screen starts to work again. I put the touchkit utility into frodoplayers 'resume' box, so that it does it auto, but it looks ghetto, and I'm not always running frodo when I turn the key off, so it still gets me stuck once in awhile.

    The 1040POS uses the 'PS2' touchscreen instead of usb. It makes a serial and ps2 connection to the computer. I have the very latest drivers right from the manufacturer, and I tried a few of the older xenarc ones as well. For the life of me I cant make it work.

    Can anyone think of another way to fix this? How do you make windows run a program on resume? (like I said im not always using frodo)

    thanks for any thoughts!