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7 Lilliput touch screen is too dim

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  • 7 Lilliput touch screen is too dim

    I have just installed my 7 Lilliput touch screen and it seems a little dim.

    I have tried adjusting the screen setting

    I use to have a PSone screen in my car and to me the PSone screen was much brighter then the Lilliput.

    Is it just me or are these screens dim?

    Owww I have had a look on the board and is this a problem with the Egg?

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    remove the touchscreen


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      :-P i like my lilliput better then xernacs!


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        Originally posted by thekuai
        remove the touchscreen

        Hows that help anyone

        The resin I paid for a touch screen was to use it....


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          I bought a Lilli but they are not that great during the day, especially when its sunny. The touchscreen overlay is responsible for a lot of the dimness. I've just installed a LinITX monitor and that seems brighter and clearer although I haven't done a side by side comparison yet. Maybe it is just down to the touchscreen overlay. I guess you have a few options.

          Send it back and try another Lilli
          Replace the TS overlay
          Buy a different monitor and flog yours on
          Wait and see what happens here and do the mod if it works out ok
          If you think it might be the egg, then take mains power out to the car and try that to see if there is a difference.
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            I am sure that you know that the touchscreen knocks off atleast 100nits and it also adds glare. I don't think he was being sarcastic. It is actually an option though maybe not for you. Talk to Scouse Monkey, I know he was working on way to beef up the Lilliputs backlights with leds. I don;t know how far he got though. Other than that get a screen that is rated for sunlight readablilty, tint your windows, make the screen recessed or put it in a location where it is hidden as best as possible from sunlight
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              Well 4 wire resistive touchscreens as found on cheap screens (like ours) are only 70-75% clear. They are also made up of layers which add the glare problem.

              Wei might be able to get some nice 92% clarity touchscreens that are also more robust but we need to make a large order as our annoying 7" 15:9 screens are non-standard!

              i think we need about 2-300 orders to make it feasable!

              EDIT: I forgot to add. The touchscreens would be antiglare and the coating is harder than glass so they would be more scratch resistant.

              Or we could go infrared TS and have 100% clarity


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                Thanks for the help guys

                I tried using a different way to power it but its still the same brightness

                Looks like Ill have to see what happens with that post, hopefully someone will make a fix for these screens