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Newbie needs help, Yukon Denali Delphi Head unit integration

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  • Newbie needs help, Yukon Denali Delphi Head unit integration

    I have a Denali '05, browsed all the boards but missing some info still. I need some advice, and help. I have a TNR Delphi Bose Nav system, 2005 and I am running a ZPC Iwill carputer on a 8" TS lilliput on the console. I need some help. I have XM, RSE, 6chCD, etc. so I just need the PC to run OBD, Valentine1 display, MP3, Divx, and Wifi, no nav, or XM.

    1. I wonder if I can interface the PC VGA to the Navigation touch screen, and get rid of the Lilliput? I know the interface for the PAC products, and Nav-TV being a switched composite to RGB converter (reverse signal, or manual) through five pins on the flat ribbon cable inside the unit (R,G,B,sync,Ground) but I don't want to pay 350 bucks for a composite interface, especially since I need to downgrade the VGA output first to a composite NTSC resolution. Any VGA toswitched RGB interface commercial available, without breaking the bank?

    2. Can I find some way to pull touch signals from the TNR screen to control Windoes XP? Otherwise, I just use a touchpad mouse...

    Thanks in advance,