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need a ribbon extension cable for LCD, I have all the specs

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  • need a ribbon extension cable for LCD, I have all the specs

    I tried ordering one from exactly 1 month ago today ... I never received the item, and they don't reply to my emails ... my CC fraud department will be taking care of that.

    anyway, I would like to buy one, maybe a few, for my LCD's (i have 9 of them)

    it's a .50mm pitch 30 contact FFC ribbon. I'd like to get a good distance, maybe a foot.

    thanks for any suggestions

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    The only way I know of to get these is buy having them specially ordered from a distributor and I tried about every online store around. The best price I was able to get was around $600 for 50 and that was the minimum order and I was glad to get that cause all the other places had minimums of no less then 1000. PM me if you want the name of the distributor. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      uh no thanks ... i've found a few places to order from. the one i decided on was the cheapest. it came out to be $19.99 shipped for a 1 foot extension. I just can't remember any of the other sites i found


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        haha i made a thread on their forum about the incident, and it magically disapeared