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White rows on color tft screen

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  • White rows on color tft screen


    I have Advantech single board computer and Nec tft screen model NL6448AC20-06. The SBC have an on-board lcd controller.

    I have tft bios for lcd controller. The upper part of the screen is ok and the picture is very sharp, but there are white rows in the lower part of the screen. Sometimes the area of the white rows is just white.

    Some pics of the screen:

    If anyone of you have any advices how I can ged rid of these rows I would be very happy.

    Best regards
    Vili "veijavi"

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    Unfortunately there's no easy answer here. If you're asking the question, then you're probably not comfortable opening up the LCD and testing components to see what's bad.

    Most likely you'll have to just buy another one. If there's a loose/broken ribbon cable, then you could replace that cheaply and relatively painlessly. Anything else is going to be a bear, sorry.

    Good luck.


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      My Sony monitor at home does that sometimes... I just smack it a few times and it clears right up! Is that a scientific enough explanation on how to fix that?! lol I don't know what causes it but seriously speaking, it does happen on occassion... and YES, above is how I fix it.
      Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

      ***Too many pieces and parts to list... maybe someday I'll show'm to ya!***