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Lilliput Programming Guide, More Reset Codes

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  • Lilliput Programming Guide, More Reset Codes

    Ok, here is some more secrets for you Lilliput users that allow you to alter the operation of your monitor by entering a few simple codes. For those of you who didn't see my previous Thread regarding Auto Powering Up Your Lilliput Programming Guide check it out here

    Note, I suggest you try entering the Auto Power On Code before trying these advanced codes, it may seem confusing by looking at the ones below. These codes work on the newer lilliputs for sure but it has been said that they work on the older models as well.
    Anyhow, heres the good stuff...

    Here is what the following Codes do:

    [B]1. Allow you to Change default Language
    2. Change Power Setting to Auto Power On, or other modes
    3. Have sound in VGA Mode

    Take your time when doing this, if you have problems pulling up the factory settings menu as directed below "--------". Try this solution Read Thread

    Here is the resetting detail:

    In VGA Mode with your PC turned on (Recommended)
    a, Dial 588998 on your remote control then you will enter factory setting mode: which shows "--------".
    b, in factory setting mode, press any numeric button, will save the setting.
    c, introduction of setting(total 5 points):
    (c1), the first 3 blanks will set the factory language mode. English=1, Spanish=2, French=4, German=8, Italian=16, Chinese=32, Japanese=64. For example, if you want to set English, Chinese and Japanese as factory language mode, please fill in the blank as English+Chinese+Japanese=1+32+64=97, so you input 097 in first 3 blanks.
    (c2), The forth blank is default language setting: English=0, Spanish=1, French=2, German=3, Italian=4, Chinese=5, Japanese=6
    (c3), The fifth blank is setting the startup mode which we are talking about, the above 3 modes respectively responses to the following 3 numbers:
    0: Start with Power-off mode when power is connected.
    1: Start with Auto Power-on and standby mode when power is connected.
    2: Start with same mode as the mode before power is disconnected.
    (c4), The sixth blank is sound setting of VGA mode (requested):
    0: without sound
    1: with sound
    (c5), The seventh blank is sound setting of TV function:
    0: without TV input
    1: with TV input

    Note: the C5 point only has effect on NW618TVT (, a TV version.

    So for example one would enter "0970110"

    Which gives them

    English, Chinese and Japanese as factory languages 097
    English Is Default 0
    Auto Power-On 1
    Sound In VGA On 1
    Without TV Input 0

    Which comes out to "0970110"

    For those of you looking for a code for auto-switching to AV1, sorry there isn't one. On the NW618TVT model, it has an cable connecting to the car reverse gear +12V. When the car goes in reverse, the reverse gear give an signal to NW618TVT, and then it can switch to AV1 (connecting to the rear view camera)

    If it works on your Lilliput please leave a post and let us know which model you have. If possible include Model # and Screen Size

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    Originally posted by Anointed
    Sound In VGA On 1
    Wow, this is cool! Thanks for the excellent info. Too bad I removed the speaker and replaced it by a 40mm fan

    Do you happen to have more info on the heat issues concerning the Novatek VGA controller chip? Several 7" lilli owners, including myself, have been reporting trouble when the chip runs hot (like bleeding colors or the screen going completely blank). Hence the little fan which seems to be the easiest "solution" for now... See for more info.

    Keep up the good work!
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      We need to sticky this
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        Anointed, THANK YOU so much for this.
        I wanted the auto turn on function ever since I got it. I was trying the hot wired method but the screws on the back were so tight that I ended up ruined one of the screw and never got the back cover to open.
        This trick got rid of the biggest annoyance that I have.
        One thing you forgot to mention is that you most have some kind of VGA feed (turn on your carputer) into the LCD so the screen is bright enough for you to see the _ _ _ _ _ _ _
        I have the newer model
        my carputer


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          Very well done Anoited. PM sent to you

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            It works with mine . no Model number. It is a lilliput 7" from cartft with new plug for video-in

            but I have only 6 digits
            My code was 013211 and the only function that dont work is french a default language. it was english. but I have change in the OSD menu after that
            I have not tested sound with VGA

            I'm so happy. thanks a lot


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              thats a 619 i do believe...same one i got (damn i hope i still got the remote)

              Anointed you are the man!
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                The codes worked also for mine Lilliput 7" LCD 619GL-70NP/T
                thanks for sharing this wonderfull option with us!


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                  my codes done work? the monitor is over 18 months old though?? any ideas?


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                    Just in case people are having problems figuring what's what...


                    Click click and it should spit out the right code for your screen...


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                      so if you input the code, do you have to do the auto power on mod of the circuit board? or can u just set it with the code without doing that?
                      Steve Davis


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                        Only the code


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                          awesome! way easier than doing all that soldering.
                          Steve Davis


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                            Originally posted by Cheater2k
                            my codes done work? the monitor is over 18 months old though?? any ideas?
                            We are on the same boat. My LCD is about that "new" too . 619GL-70NP/T
                            I has try direct bunching in the code.
                            VGA mode reset then bunching in the code.
                            Bunching in the code then push MENU
                            VGA reset, Enter Code, Push Menu
                            all possible combination I could think of.

                            NADA, NOTHING coming up. WTF is it ?
                            Hardware mod is the only option for me I guest, but I just don't feel like doing it.
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                              I've just tested it and it works fine on my screen:

                              It doesn't have a serial no. on the back. But it's a version with the 10-pin connector like Gore- has.

                              The sound in VGA mode works perfectly now aswell, thanks alot!
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