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Help with resistor mod for tv out

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  • Help with resistor mod for tv out

    I am using a pioneer indash screen with no vga, so i have done the resistor mod on the tv out cable from my MII12000. Maplin was out of 75 ohm resistors so im using a 0.25W 68 ohm resistor.This was working great, i had apicture all the way from the boot screen to windows desktop.

    The problem came after i installed the vga drivers. Now i get a picture from boot but when the desktop normally comes up , it goes blank. The only way i can get it to work is if i have a monitor connected aswell. When i go into the display settings the tv option is ticked, but greyed out, so its not detecting the screen.

    Should i just uninstall the vga drivers? Or if i get a 75ohm instead of the 68 would this fix it?

    Any help is appreciated, i wont be getting my touchscreen for a while so if this works at least i can get it setup before then.
    Epia MII12000, 256MB RAM, 40GB laptop HD, slim DVD/CDRW, M1-ATX, 8 in 1 card reader/writer, Pioneer indash screen (waiting for K301 touchscreen)