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Lilliput Display is Terrible - Are there Display Drivers for XP?

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  • Lilliput Display is Terrible - Are there Display Drivers for XP?

    I just installed my new 8" Lilliput touch screen, and since I also got the small cdROM, I downloaded the TS software from the sight listed here (4.0 version), and my TS works fine.

    HOWEVER, the display of the Lilliput is awefull - washed out white tint that will not change with the monitor settings. I still have graphics on the screen -(not just a blank white like mentioned on other threads), but it is all "washed" out in color. Is the any MONITOR DRIVER SOFTWARE (not TS) that I am missing that is specific monitor driver software for XP (again, my toch screen drivers work fine)? I had a cheap Hami 8" monitor which has a terrific display. This new Lilliput is "not" good, washed out regardless of changin settings on the monitor and XP. Is there any specific Lilliput monitor software avaialble since XP is only using "default drivers" for the monitor? Thanks!

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    If the monitor is good it will work display without any special drivers. The only software you need is the touchscreen driver. Sounds like you might have a loose cable somewhere.
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      No, there are no monitor drivers.
      And really, that's what happens when you buy a display that is a refurbished pachinko machine display....
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        What happens when you try to calibrate it?

        Could be a loose wire, do the new ones still have the barrel plug thing, if so it could be a bad connection there as well.

        Mine had the same problem. Had to ship it back to lilli U.S.A and get a new one. Mine would not display the color red.
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          like everyone said the drivers will not do anything, you need to screw around with the settings on the monitor, make sure all 3 color settings are at around 33 and the brightness/contrast is correct, otherwise you have a dud monitor
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