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    Okay so i have design and built the cooling and case part of my system. What i want to do now is design a remote cooling controller to go into my dash to control the cooling system and the case that the computer is in(the case style uses a worm drive to eject the case from under the back seat). i want to use an lcd display from matrix orbital, but the catch is that i dont want to hook it up to my computer. i want a totally seprate system. since im using liquid cooling(and i have tested it by dropping it and shaking it, and no leaks!) i have 4 temperature probes. water supply, water return, resivoir, and in-case air(temperature of the air inside the case), and a fan pot. to control the speed of the fans. with the lcd that i want to use u need either a microcontroller or the computer, but i dont want to use the computer id rather build a microcontroller or something similar to control the lcd display. the cooling system and the case slide. where can i get a microcontroller or how do i go about doing this?
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