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another lilliput "unknown device" problem

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  • another lilliput "unknown device" problem

    I've about had it with this touchscreen. To the point that i'm thinkin about removing it all together. The touchscreen drivers absolutely SUCK. I cant understand why the drivers are so fickle about which usb they are installed on. It was workin just fine on usb 2 but i wanted it on usb 1 so i switched the wires n now it will only install as an unknown device! Does this mean my controller is screwed? Is there anyway to reset it? There are a few threads regarding this but no solutions. Maybe someone who has solved the problem can help! So far i've gone thru a multitude of uninstall/reinstalls, trying to install with a usb/ps2 adapter. Added an internal hub to see if using a new usb port would cure it and nope... same problem! Tried all 3 drivers available on the egalax site.. HELP! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I don't own a Lilliput Touch Screen, but I DID read the thread on the "lilliput in-dash touchscreen 7" " (all 57 pages of it!) With all of the problems everyone has been having with Lilliput products, guess which manufacture I won't be buying from!

    My question to you, and considering all the problems everyone has had with Lilliput, is why do you want it on USB 1? I assume you mean USB v1.0 and USB v2.0, and not just port #1 and #2, so why not go with 2.0? 2.0 is faster anyway. If you mean that there is something that you just have to have on 2.0 and there aren't enough port, buy a hub. You had it working (lucky you!) and now it's not, because...... why was that again?

    Fix it, work around it or hope that you bought it from someone that is honest enough to give you a refund or at least exchange it. At least you got one that does seem to work, just not the way you want it to. I don't mean to seem harsh or unsympathetic, and I know you spent you hard earned money on this and want it to work, but I don't know what the "big" problem is. Maybe you can explain further.


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