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  • cheaper than mp3car

    hello there,

    I was wondering why this screen on e-bay is cheaper than on mp3car.

    seel link below:

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    Item location: Hong Kong
    Shipping: 28.00


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      still cheapier


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        used probably. MP3CAR sells NEW
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          he says still 180 screens for sell,

          It's hard to believe they are al used


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            No customs tax is included in the price, which you will regred buying it the first place!
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              Why: well, he's in Hong Kong, duh.

              But think about warranty and taxes...

              Somebody doing this for a living will always deliver better quality of service, while somebody doing this a hobby project, or just to make some quick bucks, will often leave you in the cold when you have problems.

              It's a free market, so if everybody thinks that the price difference isn't justified, the mp3car prices will drop... but I for one believe they are, and a lot of others too, apparently!

              When will people understand the free market here on the boards??

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                I live in the netherlands,I bought a opus 90w here on mp3car,but I had to pay 40 euro more for import. (19% taxes here)

                If somebody can tell me how to avoid this,I will be glad to buy the display from mp3car


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                  You can always ask someone to send it to you as a "financially worthless present" or something, but as that's illegal, I don't think you'll get legit shops to do that...

                  You can find opus/xenarc/lilliput in the netherlands though, as I have bought some there already...
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                    Well look it at from out point of view (Europeans like JC-S60 and I), the mp3car store price to us is very good. I wish we could buy stuff from them but but by the time we pay interantional shipping the margin is reduced. then we have to pay customs duties which on something like a Zenarc I would expect to pay around £40-60 (going on stuff i used to import when I raced RC cars). It is for this reason stores like linITX work out the most attractive option.

                    Then you have the customer service issue. I know that the guys that run mp3car and linITX are not gonna stitch me and are going to fix anything that is wrong. Ebay sellers in Asia may or maynot offer this level of customer service as once you have left the original good feedback there is no way for anyone to let others know they are dodgy. Also shipping back to Asia and then back to your country will cost you an arm and a leg. In my eyes there are just too many chances for screens to go bad during shipping. They are not the most robust things. Things like pendrives and other peripherals maybe fine but LCDs - no.


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                      Like they said, customer service is pretty much guaranteed to be good at mp3car store, but not necessarily so from Hong Kong distributors who can't really speak english and sell in BULK. With that said, I don't know of that particular seller, but I can tell you that "option-trade" on ebay is a Hong Kong distributor that also has good customer service, and does his best to avoid duties and import fees. When my lilliput cable crapped out a month after I bought it and left positive feedback, I sent him an email and he shipped out a new cable the next day, no charge. Prices with him are lower as well, and you at least have one true testimonial praising his good service!

                      As for why it is cheaper on ebay, cause it's ebay and they are bulk sellers from the original country of origin, duh!
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                        I'd back up what shizzle says. I bought my Lilli from option-trade and Bobo is very helpful indeed. Didn't have to pay import duty, I received the item very quickly and his post sales communication was great. Saying that, there is a lot of sense in buying from established 'local' suppliers in terms of after sales support even if the overall cost is slightly more.
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                          Its the same monitor. They gave me a shipping cost of 93$ just to ship the item to Dubai (U.A.E). Just get yours from or , I'd say its better.

                          Plus i emaled them and asked them if they sell the houing for the xenarc 8" + i gave them the link to the one on digitalww and all the person replied was:

                          I go inside the link you sent me, but there is no picture shown.

                          Atleast if you sell the product, you should know what HOUSING means and reply properly other then mentioning you cant see a picture.


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                            Import duties/customs fees are free trade barriers intended to increase the price of imported goods, ostensibly to protect industries and jobs in that country that imposes the tarriffs.

                            Their effect is to protect a minority interest (workers and manufacturers), which they generally do through the increase in prices imposed upon the rest of the population.

                            These increased prices translate into reduced purchasing power on a per capita basis, a relative scarcity of capital for investment and higher unemployment.

                            The lifting of these barriers can be extremely disruptive to a country's economy in the short run and cause long term wrenching changes in the social fabric and policies of the government, which is why they persist.

                            An excellent example of what happens when those barriers are lifted is the emerging low cost airline industry in the EU. Note that every single low cost carrier flies primarily within the EU due to international agreements on flight frequency, origin, and destination.

                            And of course, the U.S. is not immune to this either. Recently the state of Maryland stepped in and ordered two gasoline stations to RAISE their prices as they were selling below their cost. I don't know about you, but I sure don't need the gov't "protecting" me from lower prices.
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                              Warranty/Service is worth the extra money.
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