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Wiring in dash screen: How-to...

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  • Wiring in dash screen: How-to...

    Aloha everyone...

    I am a complete noob on these forums having only found them today, but it all appears to be right up my street!

    Anyway, im skint and like to do everything really cheap, so i just bought an in dash screen off eBay for 25 quid. It was sold as untested and so the guy didnt know if it worked... well it arrived today, its made by addzest (clarion in japan).

    I'm planning on just hooking up my PS2 to it but after wiring it up the best i could i wasnt getting an image. It came with a connector to plug it into OE wires but obviously these weren't for my car so i had to hack them up... all car wire colours are universal as far as i know so i just twisted the ones that match together! there was an orange one and a blue one with yellow stripes and a red line down it left over.

    well anyway, the system powers up and it is motorized (but you have to swivel it yourself) and on the screen it only says AUDIO PROG. ONLY.

    I had my PS2 video (yellow) plugged into it and thats all... well after searching through all the 62 channels, on 3 modes TVX1, TVX2 and VTR i had no change what-so-ever. Any ideas?

    The only thing i can think of is that on its wiring thing i hacked up, there were also some speaker coloured wires... Imagine the end that goes from the unit, this then joins to 2 other connectors (one male, one female) These 2 other connectors have speaker wires running between them (front left and right). There is no direct link between these speaker wires and the unit si i cant hook them up... could this be to do with the AUDIO PROG ONLY message?

    I think the screen works fine as it is inA1 condition, but without a manual or wiring instructions im struggling.

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    when you said you went through all 62 channels.. I would presume that this screen has a built in tv tuner.. so searching through these channels wont help, you would need to convert your ps2 output into a rf output so you could tune to it. I havent done any searching or anything.. so this is just a guess..

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      thats really interesting... that never crossed my mind! having never even been near an in car screen i've know idea what im looking for.

      The model number is a TVX 5252 so thats tv again init?

      On the back there is a CD changer input, 2 inputs i have never seen before (wierd shapes, similar to the cd changer 5-pin-din types), 3 black leads with female jack type connections, and one red one of these, and finally a yellow phono connection. next to this there is a tiny switch on the circuit board labelled A or B

      You guys now know as much as me, there is no spec or documentation or anything..


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        I'm new to this forum too but have lots of experience with car audio and video installs. Anyway, what's the model of the monitor you are using? Addzest sells the cadias autopc now so the one you may have may be a discontinued model. No - I don't think the wiring is "universal". Check the owners manual or contact their support. Check their website and fill out their online support (it's in Japanese though). Also, I'm not sure if the unit you have is autoswitching between formats. Your ps2 is PAL (UK) and Japan is NTSC.
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          I've seen/ heard that car stereo wire colours are universal...this thing seems to be wired up accurately anyway. as for pal/ntsc, is there just no display like im having, or does the image flicker (like when i try ntsc dvd's at home.)?

          Any ideas what the connections are on the back?

          Finally, i've spent half the day going over the whole internet, and this model doesnt seem to exist. I've been on the addzest site which is totally japanese, and translated it too, but still no help. I cant find it on their either!


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            Post some pics of the unit, connectors and wiring. This might help everyone to advise you a bit better.
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              Ok heres some pics... left to right, 4 jack-type female connectors, yello video phono (see tiny tiny switch next to it) then like an arial loop...has female to receive in-car arial, but also a male arial, whats that for? theyre looped together here. Finally the changer lead, and the 2 inputs i dont know of.

              Also, on the front there are sockets for audio and video, and again these look like small jack connections, but i dunno if theyre input or output!

              Cheers for any help, can take more pics if you need...
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                Most likely there's a green wire coming from the harness that ISN'T next to a green wire with a black stripe on it... that you have to connect to ground. Most in-dash screens have a parkingbrake lockout. If the park brake wire on the screen isn't grounded, it won't let you view video.

                Some units require you to do something specific, even with that wire connected. But first you have to ground the parking brake input wire. It's most likely green.