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  • Need touch screen advice

    Hey, I have an 02 altima and I am looking for a good VGA touch screen. I would like a screen that I can swivel a bit so that it is either facing me more in the drivers seat or I can swivel it towards the front seat passenger when I'm driving, so it doesnt distract me (this ADD of mine could kill me if I get distracted at 80mph). I would also like the screen to be in dash. Motorized or not really doesnt matter although it seems like the non motorized versions stick really far out from the dash and I really dont like that too much. I would also like to go with as big a screen as possible. 7in at least but I am looking for 8in or 10 if its possible. If you know of any screens that fufill these requirements please let me know. I have searched around and getting answer for specific questions (like does a screen swivel) is not something the search can help with. I thought I saw a 10in in dash motorized screen from korea talked about on here a few days ago. That sounds like what I am lookin for.