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Help Nedded - NTSC/PAL 7"TFT

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  • Help Nedded - NTSC/PAL 7"TFT


    A friend buy a Manual Indash 7" TFT.
    But we tryed to mounted , and we wonīt have sucess.

    The TFT have 4 cables , Red , Black , Yellow , and a Green One.
    I think itīs :
    RED (+ 12v)
    Black (- )
    Yellow (Memory)???
    Green (??????)

    Can someone help us???
    When you connect the ReD , Black , and Yellow , the stand- By Led apears , but we tryng to Push the power button ,on the IR remote or in the TFT power button, and nothing.......

    Please help us , to know the Cables Order , or whats the function of the Yellow and Green Cable.

    Tnks & Regards

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    the green might be for connecting the headlight wire from a car wiring loom. So when you turn on the headlights, the buttons on the tft light up.

    where did you get this from. A websearch found nothing
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      the yellow sometimes on car stereos is always on.. 12v where the red would be ignition on.. 12v. This may be the reason why its not turning on.. mind u.. Dont just go connecting it up to 'see what happens' as if its not things will go BANG and POP

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        But , in the day ....if you wonīt to turn on the headlight??
        you cannot turn on the TFT???


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          no no... the buttons just dont light up unless the headlights are on.... just like the buttons on the dash of most cars.
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            So....I Will to get a way , to simulate the HeadLight are on, To have the TFT on , without the Headlight On.

            The StandBy button itīs already On , if i click in the Power button (TFT/IR remote) the Led turn off/On , but nothing more.

            The yellow Cable , its from ACC ignition ?? Can i Plug the Yellow + Red together?

            And the Green one , where can i will get the signal?