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DWW-7VGA screen flickers =/

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  • DWW-7VGA screen flickers =/

    I seem to be running into an issue with my screen, i have the car running and i boot the computer and i get white horizontal lines on the screen, sometimes seems random other times seem to go faster when the car moves faster. It also only happens on top portion of screen. Then slowly after some time the screen itself starts to get brighter and brighter. I dont know what it is, i took apart the vga connection to comptuer, still happening. I fiddled with the ground and power cable, no reaction to screen.

    This whole thing is soo random, because i had it working b4 i connected it to computer. It was connected to my digital camera and it was working, flawlessly. Now I am lost confused and ****ed. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    ground your case with the thickest wire you cna find.. and make sure you LCd is grounded well..

    I've alsfound getting a better VGA extention cable helps .. better than the one that comes with it.. there is litle shielding a weak grounds in the stock one that coes with the screen..

    what you're getting is EMI, or alternator noise.

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      i fiddled with it some more and it seems as the wire going into the screen itself causes the flickering. If i move the wire the screen white line flickering either goes more worse or gets all better.

      I am wondering can it be a poor sodering inside? maybe something loose?


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        Sounds like you found the problem.
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          ... tell u tommorw if i really did


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            any luck finding out why you get the noise? im having the same prob with my lilliput 7"... thanks
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