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  • Xenarc 700idt

    Hi Everyone.
    I was wondering how feasable it would be to modify the XENARC 700IDT to include a DVD slimline drive and a mini powered USB hub? Can someone who owns one let me know of the dimentions of the unit specifically the section just below the lcd that is blank.

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    I have one of the 700IDT's and I have installed a slimline dvd in mine but not a usb hub, the slimline forces you to mount some the internals on top of it and really narrows down on the room that you have left to play around with. You may be able to install a port in the back or a flat hub at the top of the bottom section above the slimline you know [---] [---]. I know the dvd will fit but you need to raise the controller card up to fit it.
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      Got any pics of the drive in it ??
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      New setup
      Optiplex 260SX (2.8GHz P4, 512MB, 30GB, DVD)
      Xenarc 700IDT, USB hub, 802.11g, bluetooth, P2140, P5V


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        no pics yet I am still playing around with it before I start selling them on my site I'm more interested on getting my hands on one of the new motorized lilliput's and seeing if the drive will fit them. OOOOOH Buttons!!!
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